Tilt Boxes and Display Units

Fox Line Tilt boxes

Modular self-supporting structure system, available in five different sizes but with a common width of 600 mm.
Self-standing structure with removable tilt-boxes.
The tilt-boxes are made of high-resistant thermoplastic and transparent resin.
The shell is made of polystyrene available in 3 different colours, green, grey & red.
These units can be fixed to the wall and to our different metal supports.
Ergonomic handgrip and label holder integrated on the drawers.

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Vip Line Frames and Open Cupboards

This range of VIP displays, which can be for bench use or wall mounted or equipped with base for floor-positioning, grants a highly flexible application of the FOX tilt-boxes. The customer can choose which sizes of FOX tilt-boxes he wishes to install on VIP displays according to his specific necessities for a tailor-made equipment. The displays are powder coated in grey color, RAL 7038.
Available empty or equipped with a standard kit of FOX modular tilt-boxes.
Supplied assembled.

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Vip Line Trolleys and Rotary Displays

Handy, strong steel trolleys for plastic modular containers of the FOX series, powder coated in grey RAL 7038. Equipped with 4 rubber coated wheels: 2 fixed – 1 castor wheel – 1 castor wheel with brake. To be assembled. On demand, a standard kit of FOX modular tilt-boxes is available.

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Vip Line Outfitted Cupboards

Several combinations for any necessity.

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