Plastic Bins


Stackable containers with solid bottom and sides.
External dimensions 400×300 mm & 600×400 mm.
They perfectly fit to 800×1200 mm and to 1000×1200 mm EURO pallets.
Available in different heights and versions.
Particularly suitable to be used in all industrial and commercial sectors.

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Sturdy open front bins, which can be assembled together by an easy and sure slot.
Front and back side ergonomic handgrips.
Label holder on the front side.
Made of shock-proof PS.
Sizes 4 and 5 can be slotted together on three side as they can be joint at the back-side, too.
Easy and efficient modularity thanks to the simplicity of the joining guides.
Possibility to make multiple combinations of assembly by improving the space exploitation in terms of versatility and flexibility of utilization. The assembly system allows the building of self-standing structures without using any shelving systems.

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Sturdy open front storage bins. Easy to be stacked. Large front label holder.
Made of plastic material able to guarantee the highest performance under any climate condition “from -40°C to + 80°C” and the highest shock resistance to shocks, acids, oils and solvents. Ergonomic line with easy handgrips for lifting.
The bottom is perfectly flat and non-slip.
The bins are provided with a back-hookup edge for hanging onto the panels.
Brilliant colours and accurate design.

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